5 Top Tips For Securing Even More Content Marketing Budget

Content marketing Budgets

Content Marketing Budgets

In order to achieve your goals you might need to pitch for the Content Marketing Budget to succeed from your senior management team. Experience tells me that these meetings often don’t go well. Not because the ideas were not good ones. But because you hand not prepared to have the conversation and to influence the decision maker. To help you get what you want, here are my top 5 tips for getting more content marketing budget.

1. Show Knowledge & Empathy

The person you’re trying to influence has a plan and a budget. Their job is to deliver against the plan, which in our world often means boils down to traffic and sales.

This means that you will need to make sure you know what the plan is, and what they are trying to achieve. You don’t want to propose something that’s pushing in the wrong direction.

If they make bad decisions it’s not just you that looks bad, they do. You’re in the business of not making that happen.

2. Be Bold But Measured

Once you have been given a budget, you can responsibly spend it on anything, but you’re likely to spend it on things that have shown to work in the past, or are new but logically have a good chance of working given what has been presented.

So there’s nothing wrong with being bold and having new ideas, but you also need to be measured. The newer and bolder you want to be, the more you’ll need to pitch it as a test.

3. Be Emotional & Rational

Make sure you’re an emotional believer in what you want to, after all, passion is contagious, and make sure you’re a rational believer in what you want to do. Believe the logic. For example:

  • Is what you’re presenting SMART? Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely.
  • What’s the high, medium and low case forecast on the opportunity?
  • Are the risks high or low of failure?
  • How long will it be between the content’s publication and seeing results?
  • Will the impact be felt for a day, week, month, year?
  • What’s the impact on the business of not doing it?
  • What’s the opportunity cost?
  • Who in the organisation will be involved?
  • What outsourced help do you need?

4. Choose Timing & Place

If you pitch someone when their head is full of something else the chances are that you won’t have their full attention. So plan to have the meeting you want at the right time for the right amount of time.

5. The Formats Matter

The format of the presentation matters. If you’re pitching a person who you know loves a spreadsheet, the chances are that you’re going to need more than a few tables in your proposal. If you’re pitching a creative thinker, make it visual. If you’re pitching a logical thinker, make it logical and step-by-step. Or by divergent, and show touches of them all.

Do all of this and in my experience, there’s every chance you’ll get the budget and the real work can begin.

Last thought. On an organisational level, we should be teaching our teams how to present their ideas. If our team has ideas and can’t pitch them or pitches them badly and fails, they will stop having them and you’re doomed.


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