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haircki The title is a little misleading. They are not your content quality guidelines, they are actually Google’s 160 page document that is given to a human team of Search Quality Evaluators that work on various rating projects for Google.

here One of their primary jobs is to score Page Quality. So given that Google sends most websites most of their content it’s safe to say that they then become your content quality guidelines.

trading finanziario binario It’s also a document we take very seriously as having content that performs outstandingly in Google is a typical primary objective for us.

enter If I was to tell you to focus on a few things that matter most I say you need to ensure your content:

  • Has satisfying amount of high-quality main content
  • Is expert, authoritative and trustworthy
  • Has helpful supplementary content
  • Has good user experience
  • Has functional page design

here Of course writing great content that ranks really well is more complicated than that but I think it does provide a very clear direction and set of rules.

go to link I’d actually challenge you to look at your most valuable content or the content that you wished performed better and see whether you think it would pass the test on those 5 simple criteria.

click It’s amazing how many pages don’t and what a big opportunity that is. So now you know the rules. Let’s get creating the best content on the web.

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