How your digital work life balance can be rebalanced

source url By Collette Easton ~ I’ve discovered that my story is typical. I’m a digital marketing career woman with a young family. Both of these things define me and both make the other part of me better. Because I am fulfilled at work I am a better mum, and because I am a happy mum, I am better at work. Perfect.

Inevitable Complications

click Like every movie plot nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. With me the complication was geography. My home was 200 miles away from where I worked for 5 years and that meant being away from home for part of the week.

conocer chicas caracas This comes at a price. These emotions ranged from the guilt of leaving my young son without a mum for 3 days a week, to the guilt of not being in the trenches with my work colleagues for 2 days a week. Then there’s the cumulative fatigue of running back and forth.

where to purchase Seroquel no prescription no fees Pressing Reboot Like a laptop battery, the constant draining and recharging of my battery lead to a slow reduction in performance. Which when you take pride in always doing your very best, also creates its own set of problems.

follow So I made the decision to leave the perfect job and people I loved working with to re-charge, re-think and re-balance myself. This wasn’t quick and wasn’t easy. It was a painful detox process with crashing lows and few highs.

recherche fille au pair france A few months went buy and slowly I was feeling like me again and was thinking about what was going to be next. I knew it was going to be in digital and knew it was going to be local. I also knew I was going to pour everything I had learned from over 10 years at the digital coalface in.

source url The answer was to go back in time to a life I had in Exeter when I helped run an SEO Agency called Netrank that sold to Digitas LBi. I had spend years watching the search agency model become tougher and clients become frustrated with what they were buying. The question I asked myself was: what does a 2017 SEO client want and need from an agency?

forex jönköping öppettider The answer was this agency, Molecule. It’s 6 months in and we’ve got a great product based on some solid technology and principles about how we work. We’ve got a great team, our first clients and we’re doing great work.

click here Life is in balance. It just took the courage to press reboot. Which is the opportunity provided by our digital professions. It rewards courage, I just needed to remember that.

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