OK Content is NOT OK

OK Content is NOT OK

priere pour rencontrer un homme riche By Collette Easton ~

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taking down online dating profile Back in 2002 Honda ran an ad campaign that features a factory where factory workers produce the word “OK”. With the voiceover telling us that “not everyone believes OK is OK. We don’t.”

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here I love this ad as it really captures where we are with online content right now. Websites are filled with OK. The good news is there’s a new wave of digital leaders and creatives that now appreciate that the bar has got to be raised and if it’s not great, we should not press the publish button.

get link What makes great is not about the words or media choice, it’s about knowing what the content is there to achieve, designing it to achieve it, making sure there are no obstacles in its way to stop it achieving it, and measuring its success. The content that Molecule care mostly about is the high demand, high visit, high ROI content. There are lots of others types, all of which play a critical part in marketing and corporate plans.

sweetingham dating So what’s this post? It’s us at Molecule welcoming in a new era for online content. The era of ‘great’ and waving goodbye the factory workers producing OK.

http://libraryinthesky.org/?bioeser=agencias-matrimoniales-italianas&be0=e5 Now For The Tough Love

kleine frauen single If you’re not set-up to produce great then prepare to lose market share because your content won’t be found, the users that do discover it won’t engage with it and eventually it will come up in a content audit as being ‘toxic content’. The stuff that causes more harm than good.

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