Why Visible Content Is King

Content is king illustration

Did you know that ice floats because it is about 9% less dense than liquid water? This is not far off the percentage of pages that often are seen driving the most value on a website.

Your website content is like an iceberg. The visible content found via search, the content above the surface is driving the real value. It is that content that is king of your website. The further you go down into the cold dark depths, the worse it gets.

You’re likely to have a large amount of content on your website that has little to no value and might be holding your visible content back.

Reducing Mass & Increasing Content Effectiveness

You want to do an SEO and Content Audit to see the extent of the issue before directing and redirecting this content. This will push more content above the surface. Things to look for include:

  • No or low traffic from any source
  • No or low backlinks
  • No or low social shares
  • Low internal link counts
  • Poor ranking performance

Increasing Visible Content

You also need to grow the amount of visible content above the surface. You want the biggest and most visible iceberg in your market. This means conducting a content gap and opportunity analysis.

The aims of the audit / analysis are simple:

  • Know what content you should have
  • Audit whether you have no content or one or many pages competing for the similar topics
  • Create a page by page plan for traffic growth

Molecule has invested in being very good at this because it makes a huge difference to how you deploy resources and get results. Investing in Visible Content is the cornerstone of a good digital marketing plan.




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