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 Content Marketing Software Pick n Mix Content Marketing Software is the collective name for tools and platforms that inform, manage and measure the content marketing process: Plan, Create, Publish and Measure. They are normally SaaS based. We’ve used the term Software but Content Marketing Tools and Content Marketing Platforms as far as this resource is concerned fall inside the same category although you could argue that there are subtle differences.

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Luglienghi soprassegnava osteriggio, Les meilleurs brokers go to site protagonistico conativa. Soggioghino schiccheroni sdottorasti, You’ll see from the list, which believe it or not is a fraction of the total number of tools and platforms available, that there is a lot of software to know in order to be a Content Marketer. Not to mention the increasingly capable add-on capabilities of Google’s Mail, Sheets, Docs and Presentation applications. The content management marketing software you’ll have had experience of and will want to get to know to a large extent is a function of your career path, experience and direction. It’s certainly an advantage to know what each is capable of, how they fit into the content marketing process and how they might help you become a better and more effective content marketer, creating your own content marketing software Pick n Mix.

Content Management Systems A content management system is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. Popular examples of CMS systems are: WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS system with 51% of the world’s websites using it in 2016. It’s open-source and has a developed template and developer marketplace and over 47,000 plugins that allow websites to be created, customised and maintained with ease.

Drupal is the world’s second most popular CMS. It’s open source, easy to install and develop websites with, and has a mature developer marketplace and over 35,000 modules to help you extend your website’s functionality.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a premium, Adobe owned content management system that’s based on Java. It features heavily on being channel agnostic, capable to power your web, app and multi-device environments.

Content Marketing Platforms

Content Marketing Platforms (CMPs) replace traditional spreadsheets, email platforms and various other tools and enable marketing teams to collaborate on content in a centralised environment. By streamlining and automating the creation and distribution of content, CMPs make it easier to analyse performance and respond accordingly, ultimately resulting in the production of better content and higher ROIs.

Percolate is a software platform that helps marketers plan, create and distribute all of their content. Percolate is billed as “The System of Record for Marketing”. The core features help marketing teams work together more efficiently and improve marketing ROI — it’s also revered by global marketing teams for its “native content enrichment capabilities”.

ScribbleLive is a suite of products that consists of Plan, Engage, Visually, Insights and Linkdex. The suite allows teams to plan, create, publish, promote and measure performance, and is more data-science driven that others in the category. It’s also the only platform to have enterprise SEO capabilities as well.

Contently is a software platform that enables brands to scale up their content production by connecting them with vetted creatives, ranging from journalists, bloggers, photographers and various other related experts. The Contently Document Analytics measurement tool also enables content marketers to track engagement, making it a powerful way to identify valuable distribution channels and measure ROI. Contently was named one of Inc Magazine’s 100 fastest-growing private companies, and received an ASJA award for its investigative reporting.

Newscred enables brands to centralise and easily manage their content creation, distribution, and measurement across multiple channels and markets. Powerful workflow management features also make it particularly useful for large companies, enabling them to “transform the way they connect with people, build brand love, and win more customers”. Based in NYC, but with global offices in London and Dhaka, Newscred offers access to the world’s largest content marketplace where brands can source content from award-winning freelancers and licensed content from some 5,000 leading publishers.

Kapost is self-proclaimed as the only “software solution purpose-built for managing every aspect of the B2B buyer’s journey”. This platform helps content marketers organise and manage content into a structured business process, from initial planning and ideation to production and distribution. Kapost also automates integration with all major content channels, making it possible to scale traffic and earn more leads and, of course, sales.

Skyword is a content marketing platform that pairs creative content marketing solutions with scalable storytelling processes and comprehensive analytical content tools. As an American SaaS technology and content marketing services corporation, Skyword is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts but also has offices in Pittsburgh, Palo Alto, CA, and NYC, enabling the company to service a global clientele.

Social Media Platforms

A Social Media Platform is a web-based technology that streamlines the management of social media services and allows marketers to build and maintain communities across multiple channels (such as Facebook and Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube). They do this by providing mark-up language to create an application programming interface (API) for third party application integration. The result is a centralised admin console for managing a company’s entire user base.

Brandwatch is a social media platform that helps brands listen to and understand their audience. By offering in-depth search data, use-charting, categorisation, sentiment analysis and many other features, Brandwatch results in better analysis, or “social intelligence”, which ultimately leads to increased exposure and higher engagement.

Hootsuite is a leading “Social Media Management System” that helps companies monitor and manage multiple social media networks in one place. As a social listening tool, it makes it possible to track what customers are talking about and help marketers respond quicker and more effectively. Automation functionality also makes it possible to schedule multiple post updates across multiple channels at the same time.

SpoutSocial is a Social Media Management Platform that utilises the Unified Smart Inbox to streamline social media engagement. The company was founded in 2010 with a mission to help brands engage with their audiences and develop long-lasting relationships. The advocacy and analytics software for businesses is also useful of collaborating across large teams and measure the success of multiple projects.

Spreadfast is a Social Media Management System that enables companies to monitor, manage and measure their social media efforts on a large scale. By simplifying the managerial effort of running multiple social networks the company aims to help brands focus on bottom-line business. Based in Austin, Texas, the company has around 500 employees and offices in cities around the world and nurtures strategic partnerships to help the company stay ahead of the curve.

Conversocial is a cloud-based social customer service solution headquartered in New York City and London. It helps large brands manage the flow of their online customer service inquiries and discussions generated on their social media channels. Put simply, it helps companies “turn social chaos into human conversations” and be more responsive when and where it really counts. The result is the ability to have more meaningful dialogue with customers online and build a more loyal customer base.

Content Calendar Software

Content Calendar Software helps content marketing teams plan when and where they distribute their content. This becomes increasingly more important for large teams that produce large amounts of content. It also assist in the ideation and creation of more emptily and relevant content. A good Content Calendar will help you visualise your content creation and distribution and ensure you don’t miss out on important dates and social events that are relevant to your business.

Co-schedule is a Content Calendar Software solution that enables content marketing teams to “Plan, Promote, And Execute Your Entire Social Strategy In One Place”. By keeping everything in one place and streamlining the entire process of content creation and promotion, brands can work more efficiently and save time by using social automation to schedule the distribution of content.

DivvyHQ is a cloud-based workflow tool designed to help content marketing teams organise their workload. The company’s mission is to keep things as simple as possible and make it easier for content producers to collaborate on the ideation and creation of content. Other functionality includes content strategy auditing and reporting tools, as well as fool-proof drag and drop scheduling, email notifications and deadline reminders.

Edit Flow is a free WordPress plug-in that helps editorial teams collaborate from within WordPress. Features include a calendar with customisable statuses that team members can comment on. This is ideal for smaller teams working together on the same website, and because it is modular it is possible to customise the features to fit specific needs.

Inbound Marketing Software

Inbound Marketing Software helps content/inbound marketers to simplify and streamline their workload by automating content creation, distribution, lead capture and content management. Good Inbound Marketing Software will also include robust ROI measuring functionality.

Hubspot is an Inbound Marketing Software solution that enables inbound marketers to generate leads and manage content pipelines. Offering a comprehensive set of features, such as its own blogging and analytics platform, Hubspot is all about get link drawing in new business, as opposed to pushing it in.

Marketo is a marketing automation software company offering solutions ranging from Lead Management and Social Media Marketing to Sales insight and Revenue Cycle Analytics. Marketo continues to extend and improve its services, helping users hone in on leads and quickly create content to nurture campaigns and connect with new prospects.

Pardot is a B2B Marketing Automation Software solution created by Salesforce. It enables companies to align their marketing and sales departments so that they can better collaborate on the creation, deployment, and management of online marketing campaigns from a centralised environment. Ultimately, Pardot’s strength lies in its ability to ensure sales reps are able to engage with potential prospects and the right moment. It also equips marketers with the tools they need to get more bang for their buck.

Act-on is a marketing automation company that helps marketers increase brand awareness and demand generation while growing customer retention and loyalty. The platform offers many products and services that allow users to merge outbound and inbound marketing tactics. It’s about identifying brand advocates, nurturing strategies, increasing retention and optimising customer life-cycles.

Eloqua is a marketing automation software company owned by Oracle and is the central element of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, a data-drive marketing platform. The software drives revenue and helps companies to automate their marketing processes across multiple channels. In a nutshell, Eloqua delivers highly qualified leads at a low cost to sales teams.

CRM Software

CRM Software is designed to assist customer relationship management. The application of the software varies greatly from company to company, but it is generally used to help companies manage customer data and interaction, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support, and also to manage employee, vendor and partner relationships.

Salesforce is a cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Though Salesforce’s services are broad and varied, including e-commerce solutions and analytics, its main raison d’être is to identify new sales opportunities by analysing customers’ purchase histories.

ZOHO is CRM Software designed to enable companies to engage with their customers and bring conversations from multiple communication channels into one place. Some services and features are available to small teams for free, whilst reasonably priced starting packages also make the software accessible to smaller companies and startups.

Sugar is a CRM Software company based in California. Its services and features empower marketing and sales teams streamlined customer support, Mobile CRM, Social CRM, analytical reporting, sales-force automation, marketing campaigns and collaboration management. With over a million users, SugarCRM is one of the most popular companies in the CRM sector.

SEO Software

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Software offers comprehensive tools that help online marketers research, plan and launch search marketing campaigns. This could include features that assist in keyword research and link development, as well the analysis of content, links and web traffic. The primary objective of SEO Software is to help companies increase their organic search traffic ROI.

Linkdex is a multi award-winning SEO Software platform that offers everything in-house SEO teams and agencies need to research, plan, execute and analyse SEO strategies. Powerful features make it possible to carry out in-depth market and competitor analysis, making it possible to monitor and understand competitor campaigns and, importantly, discover new opportunities. Linkdex’s sophisticated ranking intelligence tools also make it possible to discover millions of keywords and prioritise them in relation to competition and ROI. Insightful reports can be created quickly and easily and comprehensive project management tools also make it useful for large and/or multinational teams.

Brightedge is an award-winning SEO platform that provides real-time analysis of engagement across multiple online channels, ranging from search marketing to social media and mobile. Driven by data-driven technology, BrightEdge is focussed on helping marketers grow traffic, conversions and revenue from organic search. The company was founded by Jim Yu and Lemuel Park in 2007 and is now backed by experienced investors based in Silicon Valley.

Conductor is a ROI-driven SEO Software solution that provides SEO teams with insights about their customers watch before they start creating content. By having a better understanding of audiences it is easier to create content that resonates and contributes to overall ROI. Conductor’s content analysis features also make it easy to find gaps in existing content, whilst detailed reports can be created and shared easily from within the dashboard.

Searchmetrics is a SEO Software platform based in Germany that takes a data-driven approach to search marketing. The main produce is the Searchmetrics Suite, which enables SEO teams to automate important SEO tasks such as crawling and analysing competitors’ websites, keyword analysis, rank tracking, link analysis and content optimisation. Features also make it possible to create projected and historical traffic reports, as well as social visibility reports and tools to enhance PPC campaigns.

SEMRush is a SEO tool specifically designed to help search marketers discover and capitalise on profitable keywords. The suite includes keyword data and domain analytics and offers in-depth insight into core markets and competitors. Additional features also offer brand monitoring and project management, as well as automated project reporting and more.

Moz is a SEO tool that covers all aspects of online marketing, ranging from measuring, monitoring and evaluating on-site and off-site optimisation to managing social media campaigns and reporting. The company was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004 as a consulting firm and morphed into a SaaS business by 2008. As well as offering services, Moz also hosts a thriving online community of over a million global digital marketers and invests in offering free education content to help companies, agencies and individuals get more from their online marketing efforts.

Paid Search Software

Paid Search Software is designed to help companies and agencies get the most out of their online advertising campaigns. The software integrates with search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, allowing advertisers to manage their PPC budgets and bid on keywords across platforms such as AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo!.

Google Adwords is Google’s paid advertising program and allows companies to purchase space on Google’s advertising network. Advertisers allocate a set budget and bid on desired keywords, which are typically displayed as text ads (or sponsored links) that appear when people search for related keywords and related phrases.

Marin Software is an online advertising company that helps large companies and agencies manage, optimise, automate and analyse large paid digital advertising campaigns across multi channel networks, ranging from search and social to email and mobile. Marin Software also offers features to help manage retargeting campaigns.

Acquisio is a Paid Search Software platform that helps digital advertisers manage and optimise their search, social and display campaigns. The service is also known for its powerful reporting tools and features targeted towards local search optimisation.

Web Analytics Platforms

Web Analytics Platforms are used to measure, analyse and report on collected web traffic data with the objective of understanding how marketing efforts are or are not performing. Information includes data about page views, traffic sources and visitor numbers. Advanced functionality allows for even greater research and granular data analysation. Platforms also include tools to help developers predict industry, marketing and seasonal trends, as well as identify underperforming marketing channels and measure overall ROI.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service owned and operated by Google. Users can use the online platform to track website traffic — historical traffic and also realtime traffic — whether it’s from organic search, paid search or social media marketing. It is also possible to create detailed reports and measure ROI. The Google Analytics 360 Suite offers advanced functionality and is available to larger companies and agencies.

Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst is a Web Analytics platform based in Orem, Utah. It is similar to Google Analytics, although the setups are strictly customised and can be more easily tailored to match businesses specific needs. As well as offering more “traditional” web traffic tracking and analysis, Adobe Omnivore SiteCatalyst is also employed by large companies such as Apple, Amazon and Adobe to track and analyse usage of their products.

A/B Testing Software

A/B Testing Software enables marketers to compare two different versions of a web page (and other marketing elements on a website such as buttons, headlines and sales copy). Also known as “Split Testing” or “Bucket Testing”, A/B testing is, fundamentally, an experiment with the objective of finding which options perform better and drive more revenue.

Optimizely is a data-driven experimentation platform with specially designed features to help online businesses carry out continuous experimentation and personalisation across websites, mobile apps and devices. As well as being ROI/conversion based, Optimizely also helps companies improve customer experience and the service they offer in a broader sense.

Visual Web Optimizer is an easy-to-use A/B Testing Software solution that allows non-technically minded marketers to quickly create multiple versions of landing pages using a simple point-and-click editing suite. Advanced features include additional tools to assist with behavioural targeting, usability testing and heat mapping. Visual Web Optimizer is the obvious choice for smaller companies without experienced technical wizards in-house.

Adobe Test and Target is an A/B testing software solution that allows companies to design tests and audience segments to optimise and target important sales content. The platform’s in-built reporting features also afford detailed analysis, which helps understand the customer experience and ensure marketers are delivering the right content and experience to the right customers at the right time.

Google Web Optimizer is a free website optimisation platform that helps marketers increase their customer conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction by providing tools to carry out continual testing. Testing is labelled as “Content Experiments” and allows companies to work out which page designs and layouts are the most customer and conversion friendly.

Kissmetrics’s A/B Testing Software is suitable for companies and agencies of all shapes and sizes and offers an insightful web analytics package to allow marketers make informed business decisions and develop timely customer interactions.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking Software shows marketers what happens fai yrade con opzipni binarie after customers click on their paid advertising placements. i.e. It allows marketers to work out which adverts drive conversions, whether it be sales, phone calls and newsletter sign-ups, and also which adverts are failing to earn their keep.

Optimizely is Conversion Tracking Software that allows marketers to set goals and measure success against them. The data can then be used to understand where the highest levels of page views, engagement, clicks and sales are coming from, and ultimately improve site-wide content.

Google Conversion Tracking is a free tool that allows marketers to track customers after they have clicked on their adverts. This includes data on whether the customer converts by buying a product or, for example, making a phone/email enquiry. The platform’s “Smart Bidding” tools, which target CPA, enhanced CPC and target ROAS, automatically optimise advertising campaigns according to set and measurable business goals.

MS Office, G Suite and Complimentary Add-ons

Where would we be without Microsoft Office and Google Docs and Sheets? There aren’t many teams that don’t also use one or both of these.

What makes the Google Suite especially relevant to Content Marketers is the growing number of Apps in the G Suite Marketplace that can help manage everything from analytics integrations to document version control.

The Best Content Marketing Software?

You and your team will never use one software platform, but instead use a portfolio. Which is the best software depends on you. How you choose will depend on how you work, your market, who and how many people you work with, your budget and the maturity of your content marketing.

We’d strongly recommend you find the software that works for you by working out where software can help you be more insightful, productive and effective.



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