Choose An SEO Agency In Devon That Fits

tastyli\ Choosing the correct SEO Agency for your company is crucial.
The difference between the right & wrong decision can be profound.

LOOKING FOR AN SEO AGENCY 9030/ You’ll know that the Organic Search channel offers your business a huge opportunity, and for most companies is the highest ROI media channel.

loadout matchmaking too long We are sorry to say that it’s also true that lots of companies have not found this to be true, despite investing significant sums in agencies over many years.

watch The gaps between opportunity, expectations and delivery are always interesting to explore, and can often be can often be a blame game. However when it works it can be transformational and the impact of an SEO Agency can be felt business wide.

Here’s the advice we’d give any company looking to choose an SEO Agency in Devon or anywhere else.


source When you talk about marketing agencies, especially SEO Agencies, you’re rarely buying the name above the door, the glamorous office space or the big board room, although we can’t help to want to seduce people with these, and can’t help to be seduced by them.

agence rencontre bordeaux We buy the people we meet, their personalities, their knowledge, hard earned experience, professionalism and work ethic. So the most important part about choosing an SEO Agency that fits is choosing the right people. To do this there’s a process. Here’s a simple 3 step process that works.

sites de rencontre musulman avis THE 3 STEPS


olx rencontre travesti belgique Agencies and clients often propose what are called ‘Chemistry Meetings’. These are essentially a series of formal and sometimes social meetings between key agency team members and the client, where ‘Chemistry’ is looked for, and hopefully established and developed. The key objectives of these meetings is to assess risk by answering questions like:

  1. Can we work together?
  2. Do we like the team?
  3. Do we think they will do a good job?
  4. Do they have the skills, approach and philosophy we need?
  5. Do we want to invite them to pitch?

AGENCY PITCH2 You may want between 2 and 4 agencies to pitch for your business. If you do, you’re going to want to set them a pitch task that allows you to evaluate who’s going to be the right agency for you.

rencontre femme juive israel The task you focus them on can either be specific to the issues you’re looking to solve, or more general, with a view to setting objectives like X% traffic growth. The challenge for the Agency is to solve the problem.

You’ll also want to cover elements like: credentials, team, technology, costs, and contract terms.

The issue the Agency will have is that they’ve a 1 in X chance of winning and agencies are busy places. Thoughts running through an agency’s head are:

  • What the value of the account?
  • What sector is it in?
  • What resource do we have available to pitch and resource the account?
  • Who else is pitching?

Making sure the agencies that turn up really want your business is what you really want, otherwise what you’ll get is a credentials presentation with your logo and a few screen grabs inserted.


Hopefully you’ll have a clear winner, and you can move to review contracts, setting start dates, introducing key people and getting on with it.

If you don’t, do it again. The cost of getting it wrong is too great to not be sure.



Molecule are a relatively small SEO agency and the people that pitch for your business will work on your account. The bigger the agency is the more unusual this is. It’s common to be pitched by the A-team, work to be started by the B-team and over time you can end up with the C-team.

You can avoid this by asking for clarification on what proportion of the time the people pitching will be working on your account.

Obviously the objective is have the best people the agency has working on the high impact work.


A good plan is one that has clearly identified the situation, SWOT, set SMART objectives and has a great strategy. All obvious stuff. That said, what often does go wrong is audits and plans are created, huge documents written and agreed, but then they are only partially implemented because the capabilities to do so aren’t there. This is a failure in the planning process.

The advice is therefore to ensure that implementation capabilities are aligned with your plan.


Let’s  schedule a short introductory call to see what we could achieve together.



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